It is a short born from the reflection on different issues. The idea was suggested by the earthquake in Abruzzi (April 6th, 2009), when the tragedy of thousands became the joy of a few, crooked figures, with the right friends.
Nigredo aims to suggest the desolation and the cruelty of reconstruction, without moralizing purposes, by showing mean and wretched characters, direct reflection of the corrupting face of wealth.


Frightening and unstoppable, neither when confronted with death, maybe because the economic system encourages such an awful behavior. The abhorrence of greed assimilates the abhorrence of wars in general, especially those planned simply for economic reasons, but described as humanitarian actions, disguises of the nauseating face of capitalism, brutally vital in keeping itself alive.


San Martino del Carso, 1916: nothing's left, only a bunch of dead walls, lives suppressed by greed and an unbearable sadness filling the eyes of those who thought were fighting for greater sakes.
Facing the hollow sound of a hollow land, the heart can only faint.

Reconstruction I

From Kosovo to Iraq, the ashes of war can finally be moulded into democracy, the ferocious beast protecting the work of the Alchemists of Sorrow. The door of Uranus opens into the healing power of Uranium, a necessary medication generating the scheduled rebirth of human civilizations.


April 6th 2009. For the most, all is gone: houses, possessions, things, smells, feelings, families, lovers, friends. Too many unspoken words, unspoken good mornings, unspoken joy and still a new dawn approaching, unfortunately digging from under a bunch of dead walls. Undergoing the hollow sound of a hollow land, Earth can only faint.

Reconstruction II

April 6th 2009 (from 3 a.m. and even earlier): it's finally here. Greed is holding on the phone, inpatient, promising life from death, opening the healing power of asphalt and cement to the stricken land, a logical medication generating the rebirth of profits.

Philosophical Nigredo

Nigredo means 'blackness', 'nigritude', a concept which goes along with 'melancholy', the first inner stage of the alchemist during its pathway, that blackness of the soul reflected in both actions and dispositions, the reason to search for the secrets of life, the first step toward the philosopher's stone, capable of turning metals into gold, an elixir that would confer youth and immortality upon its user.
The concepts of blackness and transmutation of metals are politically translated and forged with death and destruction, reconstruction and gold, pity and greed. They finally found their solution into blackened images of distilled currency and sounds of flies.

Modern Nigredo

The art of turning other people's sorrow into gold, digging into bodies and corpses to discover the ultimate joy of the Alchemists of Sorrow: the philosopher's stone, able to turn death into money.
Undoubtedly the blackness of the soul, blacker as it reaches for the light of materialism, blacker as it ascends to the top of the Power.